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Water-Only Café in New York A Sign of the Times

Tap water has become trendy. If  you're ever in the visit the East Village are of New York, you can now stop in to Molecule, a café that specializes in serving New York city tap water that has been run through a $20,000 custom-made water filter. Patrons can come into the café for sips of purified refreshment, served plain or with added vitamins supplements that, in the words of owner Adam Ruhf, “'are based on medicinal herbs and roots from around the world.'”  They can also buy Molecule water … [Read More...]

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Tap Water Still Comes Out on Top

Bottled water isn’t just for drinking anymore: it’s become a social, and even fashion, statement.  But according to a January 2014 Fox News.com article, that statement may be costing consumers more than just a little extra money. The report points to a recent study by German researchers that showed how bottled water harbors chemicals galore, almost 25,000, in fact.  What’s even more significant is that once inside the human body, these chemicals can mimic the effects of powerful … [Read More...]

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A Brief History of Water

Water covers 70% of the Earth’s surface and is the main “ingredient” our Polar Station water and ice station vending machines use to create delicious, purified hydration for a thirsty world. But have you ever wondered where this miraculous liquid actually comes from? Some scientists believe that water formed with the planet about 4.5 billion … Read More...

Water fountain

Make Way for Water Bottle Friendly Fountains!

Drinking fountains have been with us for decades.  But with consumer demand for high quality sources of tap water to fill the personal jugs they are carrying in lieu of pre-packaged water bottles, they may eventually become a thing of the past. A Wall Street Journal.com article reports that this latest trend has in part been fueled by the surge … Read More...

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