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Customer selects 12 lbs. or 20 lbs. of purified ice.

Hydration Tips for Summer

Summer is everyone’s favorite season. But it’s also a time when people have to be extra careful about getting adequate hydration. Outdoor activities done in the summer heat – and in many places, humidity – require greater fluid intake and replacement. Hydration tips for summer are important. While exposure to too much sun is not good for anyone, humidity presents a potentially more dangerous problem than heat alone. The combination of high temperatures and humidity reduces the evaporation of … [Read More...]

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Polar Station Ice Vending Ribbon Cutting

The city of Overland, Missouri celebrated the grand opening of the first Polar Station purified water and ice vending station in the entire county on September 20th. Polar Station executives and officials attended the ceremony which brings a much-needed water and ice vending service to the area. The Overland, Missouri facebook page posted an entry on the event, as well as dozens of photos, stating: "You can get 20 lbs of ice for $2.00 and you can also get gallon jugs of purified water … [Read More...]

The New Polar Station MX!

Why Drink Water?

You've heard it before: drinking at least 6 to 8 glasses of water a day is one of the best things you can do to maintain good health. But just how true is this? And how often do you actually do it? Now new research shows this often-given, seldom-followed piece of advice may be worth paying attention to. Past studies have suggested that “drinking … Read More...

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Water News – Purification is Big News even in Fracking

According to a recent article in MIT News, engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a way to make the water used in hydraulic fracturing pure enough to drink. The method – also known as humidification dehumidification or HDH – is a variation of the standard distillation process in which salty water is vaporized and then … Read More...

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