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Bottled Water and Sustainability: Still Hot Topics

In 2012, Concord, Massachusetts became the first city in the US to implement a ban on the sale of single-serving, plastic polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles of water measuring one liter or less. According to a recent article on Wickedlocal.com, however, Concordians are renewing the debate over this ban.  One resident says that “common sense and fairness” are ultimately at issue, especially where local businesses are concerned. But for others, the debate is a distraction.  People … [Read More...]

Health is Wealth for Vending Machine Owners and Their Customers

When you invest in a Polar Station ice and water vending kiosk, you are buying into one of the hottest industries around.  This trend is being fueled by a growing awareness among Americans that their drinking and eating habits have to change. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), one-third of US adults are obese as are nearly one-fifth of American children and adolescents aged two to 19. CDC statistics also show that, like most states in the South, Texas has a population … [Read More...]

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Polar Station Purified Water to Go on the Cutting Edge

Bottled water continues to incur the wrath of various organizations around the country. Earlier this year, more than 90 colleges, including Harvard University, banned or restricted the use of plastic water bottles. Hurricane Sandy, however, is showing that there is an obvious place for bottled water or at least packaged water, as the hard hit … Read More...

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4 Popular Types of Water

These days, it’s gotten to the point where the kinds of water available to consumers have become confusing and downright mind-boggling.  Water is water, right? Yes and no.  Following is a guide to the four most popular types of water people are most likely to encounter: 1. Drinking water Water with this label has undergone rigorous checks … Read More...

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