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Purified Water and Pets—Healthy Pets and a Healthy Profit

Pure, clean water is something that humans and animals need to live. So a Polar Station Ice and Water Vending business is the perfect opportunity to supply that essential demand. Too many public water systems contain certain levels of bacteria as well as of contaminants that manage to seep into the water supply from agricultural and industrial runoff. So most animal experts suggest that pet owners should give their furry, feathered or scaled friends bottled and/or filtered water. After all, … [Read More...]

Polar Station water vending with Jimax Sports Drink

Growing Popularity of Tap Water = Profits for Polar Station Kiosk Owners

You've no doubt heard that consumers are heeding the call from environmentalists to kick the bottled water habit and make greater use of tap water sources.  Now, statistics are emerging that show a shift in water tastes is definitely underway. According to Bloomberg online, Nestlé, the world's largest food and nutrition corporation, is losing ground in the bottled water business.  Analysts estimate that “its market share by retail sales value fell to about 10% last year from more than 12% in … [Read More...]

Polar Station water vending with Jimax Sports Drink

4 Hydration Facts for Athletes

Water–and especially the water our Polar Station kiosks can dispense–is a fantastic performance-enhancer for athletes. In fact, it's among the best things they can drink to rejuvenate themselves. Unfortunately, though, too many of the sports-inclined overlook the power of this essential nutrient. Here are some facts about water that every … Read More...

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The Effect of Global Warming on Water Resources

Most consumers, or business people, for that matter, don’t automatically think about global warming every time they reach for a bottle of water.  So we at Polar Station have decided to do some water consciousness-raising. Global warming is the theory of earth’s atmospheric temperature is gradually increasing due to gas emissions, such as the … Read More...

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