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The Truth About Carbon-Based Water Filters

These days, many consumers are opting to drink tap water rather than more expensive bottled waters. But rather than fill up glasses with water straight from the faucet, people are running tap water through carbon-based counter-top, faucet and pitcher filters before they drink it. While these basic water filters are better than no filter at all, they give people a false sense of security that their filtered water is safe from most water pollutants. While the Environmental Protection Agency … [Read More...]

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Smelly Winter Water in Indiana Causes Worry

American consumers expect the water they drink to be clean and odor-free. And 99.5% of the time, it is. But according to a recent story posted on The Journal Gazette.com, residents of Fort Wayne, Indiana have been finding that their tap water not only tastes funny. It also smells bad. The reason? As winter snows have been melting, tree limbs, leaves and other detritus have washed into the nearby St. Joseph River. Because no rain has fallen to wash out the water supply, the debris has … [Read More...]

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4 Lesser-Known Benefits of Drinking Water

Everyone knows that drinking water is important. It provides life-giving hydration and helps cells in the human body absorb nutrients and expel waste products. But did you know that water also offers other, less-touted benefits, too? 1. Water hydrates skin from within Drinking water helps reduce dry skin. Better still, because it helps keep … Read More...

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Polar Station Water: You Can Take It with You

One reason bottled water is so popular is that the 12-oz sizes they usually come in are convenient. But that convenience comes at a high price where the environment is concerned. Too often, empty plastic bottles usually end up in landfills or as litter. But there is another way to go that’s not only greener, but also offers consumers the choice … Read More...

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