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water reuse project in Wichita Falls, TX

Water Reuse Project Increases Bottled Water Sales

What comes from the tap in some cities is now made from a combination of regular and recycled water.  And although it’s safe, consumers in the know aren’t happy with it. Take, for example, what’s happening in Wichita Falls, Texas.  According to television station KFDX’s website, many residents are very reluctant to drink the blended water that the city is now providing. They’re so reluctant in fact that they’re buying out bottled water supplies at stores all over Wichita Falls.  Business … [Read More...]

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Baltic Sea Bottled Water Find

Bottled water is not a new phenomenon, but actual specimens of early bottled water are extremely rare if not impossible to find.  Recently, though, archaeologists working along with the Polish coast had the luck to discover one of the oldest intact bottles of water in the world. According to The Telegraph online, the 11-inch stoneware bottle was discovered during the search of a shipwreck lying in the Bay of Gdansk.  Produced between 1806 and 1830, it bears the name “Selters,” a German luxury … [Read More...]

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Making a Difference with the Water “Hot Patrol”

For most, summertime means more time spent outdoors enjoying the good weather and sunshine.  But for some people, especially the homeless, summer can be deadly. This has traditionally been the case in such hot-weather regions as the south and southwest.  But it is also true of such mid-American regions as Tennessee. According to the … Read More...

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The New Way to Get Consumers to Drink More Water?

Most people know that adults should drink 6 to 8 8-oz. servings of water per day.  But according to CNET.com, one French bottled water company is now offering a new twist on this recommendation with a device that actually tells consumers when to drink their daily water. The Vittel Refresh Cap, which was designed by marketing agency Ogilvy Paris, … Read More...

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