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Chinese Tap Water Crisis Causes Spike in Bottled Water Sales

Industrialization in China has allowed a once sleeping giant to awaken and join the modern world.  But as residents of the Chinese city of Lanzhou discovered late last week, while expansion may be important to economic health, clean water is essential to life. According to Reuters, authorities in Lanzhou announced on Friday that dangerously high levels of the cancer-inducing chemical, benzene, had been found in tap water at 20 times the national safety levels. Investigation revealed that … [Read More...]

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4 Popular Types of Water

These days, it’s gotten to the point where the kinds of water available to consumers have become confusing and downright mind-boggling.  Water is water, right? Yes and no.  Following is a guide to the four most popular types of water people are most likely to encounter: 1. Drinking water Water with this label has undergone rigorous checks from the EPA and is safe for consumption and usually comes from municipal sources.  It usually contains no added ingredients except for those deemed … [Read More...]

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Edible Water Bottles

The problem of water bottle waste is spawning new earth-friendly innovations every day.  A recent article on Mother Nature News (MNN).com reports that the latest of these is a completely edible water bottle. Pioneered by three Spanish design students, this newest innovation, called Ooho, looks like a clear plastic bladder.  In reality, it’s a … Read More...

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Water in a Box: the Next Wave in Beverage Packaging?

Everyone loves purified water, especially when it tastes as good as what our Polar Station kiosks produce.  But there’s the nagging problem of packaging: fifty billion plastic bottles get consumed every year.  Sixty percent of that number or about 30 billion gets consumed in the US alone. That equates to lot of plastic and to a lot of energy, … Read More...

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