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Keeping Water Local and Fair with Polar Station

Did you know that much of the water used for bottled water in the United States comes from drought-stricken California?  For some industry observers, that’s becoming increasingly problematic.  Should the dry spell, now in its third year, continue, it could have devastating economic consequences not just in California, but all over the nation as well. In the grand scheme of things, the amount of water used for bottling in the Golden State is only a small fraction of the one used for food and … [Read More...]

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The Polar Station MX is Here!!!

Polar Station has developed a brand new model and it is now ready for installation in your town or city. The Polar Station MX is a new, smaller footprint version of our regular Polar Station purified water and ice vending station. It comes with the same great purification system that our regular MM model has. Here are the MX facts: The footprint of the MX model is 11' long x 7.5" wide. It comes standard with a stucco finish. The exterior colors can be customized. It can be setup … [Read More...]

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Who’s Drinking Bottled Water: A Snapshot

In the last decade, consumers all over the United States have been turning more and more to bottled water rather than opting for once popular carbonated soft drinks.  But just who are these people? According to a recent article on cspnet.com, they are a broad-ranging group.  In general, they tend to be adults.  Marketing research reveals that 60 … Read More...

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Baltic Sea Bottled Water Find

Bottled water is not a new phenomenon, but actual specimens of early bottled water are extremely rare if not impossible to find.  Recently, though, archaeologists working along with the Polish coast had the luck to discover one of the oldest intact bottles of water in the world. According to The Telegraph online, the 11-inch stoneware bottle was … Read More...

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The Polar Station MX - a smaller footprint unit is now available. FIND OUT MORE! CLICK HERE