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Making a Greener Difference with Water-Bottle Fountains

For the last few years, American colleges from Brown in Rhode Island to Seattle University in Washington have outright banned the sale of bottled water.  So what’s replacing them?  At Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Arizona, it’s been special water-bottle fountains. What’s special about these machines is that they keep track of the number of bottles filled.  And students are making liberal use of them.  According to a recent article in the Embry-Riddle school newspaper, one fountain … [Read More...]

The Earth and Mars

Water: It’s Not Just an Earth Thing

Earth isn’t the only place in our solar system that has potable water. According to a recent article on cbsnews.com, the NASA rover Curiosity has found that the life-giving liquid also exists – albeit in solid form – on Mars. Water, carbon dioxide and sulfer compounds turned up after Curiosity heated and tested a sample of Martian soil located in a surface-level patch of land known as “Rocknest.” Results further suggested that approximately 2% of the soil on the surface of the Red Planet … [Read More...]

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Polar Station Riding High as Bottled Water Sales Rise

Bottled water news just keeps getting better.  According to a recent New York Times.com article, sales of bottled water are now fully expected to surpass those of all carbonated soft drinks by the end of this decade. Even Michael C. Bellas, CEO of the Beverage Marketing Corporation (BMC) was taken aback by the latest projections. “I’ve never … Read More...

How to Find Success with Polar Station Vending Machines

The best thing about owning a Polar Station water and ice vending machine business is that you make your own hours and report to no one but yourself.  But like anything else, your success depends on the kinds of choices you make regarding that business. Choose your vending machine carefully Polar Station makes three types of machines: one … Read More...

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