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Doing Good with Bottled Water

Unlike Polar Station, most bottled water retailers are concerned with their bottom line before anything else, including people and the planet.  Now another startup called People Water is demonstrating that it, like Polar Station, is a socially and environmentally conscious business. According to an article on Smallbiztrends.com, for every bottle of People Water consumers buy, the company donates clean water to people in need.  It does this by partnering with organizations that drill new … [Read More...]

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Who’s Drinking Bottled Water: A Snapshot

In the last decade, consumers all over the United States have been turning more and more to bottled water rather than opting for once popular carbonated soft drinks.  But just who are these people? According to a recent article on cspnet.com, they are a broad-ranging group.  In general, they tend to be adults.  Marketing research reveals that 60 million American adults consume at least one bottle of water daily per week. Frequent drinkers of bottled water also tend to be younger than the … [Read More...]

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Baltic Sea Bottled Water Find

Bottled water is not a new phenomenon, but actual specimens of early bottled water are extremely rare if not impossible to find.  Recently, though, archaeologists working along with the Polish coast had the luck to discover one of the oldest intact bottles of water in the world. According to The Telegraph online, the 11-inch stoneware bottle was … Read More...

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Baby Pacifier Found in Virginia Bottled Water

Bottled water typically touts itself as “free from impurities.”  But as NBC12.com reports, a family in Chesterfield, Virginia recently discovered a pacifier floating in a 5-gallon water jug they bought at Walmart for use in a home dispenser. The family didn’t notice the object at first because the pacifier was colorless and blended right in with … Read More...

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