Ice Vending Business FAQ

  1. What is the size of The Polar Station® ice vending building?
    9 Feet Wide, 13 Feet Long and 13 Feet High.
    (At the highest point)
  2. Is a concrete pad required?
    Yes, the pad should be 10′ X 16′, 6″ thick and reinforced with #4 rebar.
  3. What are the electrical requirements?
    208 – 230V Single Phase 200 Amp Service. Underground or overhead service.
  4. Is the water purified?
    Yes, both the ice and water are purified.
  5. What are the water requirements?
    ¾ or 1” supply line and a 2” drain.
  6. What is the ice production capability for the Polar Station® ice vending building?
    The Polar Station® can accommodate anywhere from 1-4 ice makers. With all four ice makers, The Polar Station® can produce up to 7,468 lbs of ice every 24 hours! Each ice maker produces 1,867 lbs of ice every 24 hours.

Something NEW is coming down the road. The Polar Station MX - a smaller footprint unit. STAND BY.