Water Vending Kiosks a Greener Alternative

Water vending environmentally friendly
Not only is a ice and water vending business profitable, it's environmentally friendly.
If you’re searching for a business opportunity to start the new year right, then look no further. Owning and operating a Polar Station ice and water kiosk makes a green-friendly statement that’s sure to make your wallet greener, too.

In 2010, the bottled water industry sold 8.8 billion gallons of water and generated almost $11 billion in profit. At the same time, all the individual plastic bottles in which so much of that water was sold are at the root of a growing environmental problem.

The bottles require a great deal of energy to produce and transport. A report on Patch.com says that this energy is enough “[to ]fuel and estimated 1.5 million cars for a year.” Unfortunately, “75% of water bottles are not recycled—they end up in landfills [or littering] roadsides and [polluting] waterways and oceans.” Of course, all this expended (and ultimately wasted) energy costs money and consumers end up footing the bill.

A Polar Station water vending business makes use of the local water supply, which means no transportation costs. Moreover, all filtering is done in the kiosk itself, which saves still more energy and more money. All of these factors create a business that is local. And in the opinion of many consumer advocates, local small businesses are what’s better for the planet. Not only are they more accountable for their actions, they also leave smaller environmental footprints.

So as you go over your New Year’s resolutions for 2012, consider making an investment in a Polar Station water vending business. It’s a business that’s as sustainable as it is profitable and one that will help your community—and planet—stay healthy for a long time to come.

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